The Emperor of Ontenzu is a demigod, one of the descendants of the okami Amaterasu. No one in all Ontenzu, not even the most hatefully rebellious subject, could possibly deny the divine heritage of any Emperor. Each one has inherited godly gifts and incredible magic, and this gift is passed to his sons. The First Emperor, son of Amaterasu and the mortal hero Meiji, was created by her to rule a great empire and made good on his promise with ease, swiftly uniting the seven clans under his banner. The history of the Imperial Throne has seen it graced by far less worthy persons than the legendary Firstborn, but one theme has remained: their magical aptitude, spiritual attunement and piety mark even the most unsuccessful of the Imperial lineage as god-touched.

Yet as powerful as the Emperor is personally, he is only one man. He is the supreme authority in all ecclesiastical matters, and his word is law within his household. But his reach does not extend far. His family and its ancestral holdings are small and vulnerable, and have relied on the nearby Crane and Lion clans, whose sprawling territories surround the Imperial demesne.

In addition he his hampered by politics. His male lineage is inviolable, so Ontenzin politics is a game of hijacking the Imperial genome with a clan’s daughters. The Emperor’s personal life, and his courts and the courts of his children and relatives, occupy a huge amount of time and effort for the Emperor. It is a small wonder that most Emperors can take no more of the endless machinations of the life, and retire to contemplation and spiritual transcendence after perhaps 30 years on the throne. With Emperors rarely clinging to power for long periods, the churning web of Imperial court politics changes with great rapidity.

Emperors have many titles with varying degrees of ceremony and formality. “His Majesty” is the bare minimum. If the Emperor’s father abdicated and is still alive, the reigning Emperor is referred to as “Well-Advised,” although a meddling father is usually the last thing any Emperor wants. If the Emperor’s father is dead, he is known as “Lonely One.”

The Emperor’s name itself is a regnal name taken upon the Emperor’s ascension, replacing his child-name. It is usually a name that can be read as a phrase, usually optimistic: Everlasting Wisdom, Harmonious Pathfinder, Strong Branch of Will. These names are often given by regents to young child Emperors and are basically a show of creative bragging and garnering of respect. From a distance the Emperor’s name is sometimes laughable but within the Emperor’s world it carries great importance.


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